Cure Found MSU

Fall 2022

December 1st, 2022

PA-C hosted an IV Injection Event

Cure Found’s third in-person event of the semester was a success! Jerry Thomas, PA-C hosted an IV Injection Event where members worked with a simulation kit to learn how phlebotomy and IV injections work. Thank you so much for an eventful semester and we can’t wait for the upcoming spring events starting January!

November 30th, 2022

A Day in the Life of Dr. Samya Nasr, M.D: Director of University of Michigan Medicine's Cystic Fibrosis Center

Dr. Samya Nasr, M.D from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor presented for Cure Found MSU and talked to members about the work she does as a pediatric pulmonologist as a director at the U of M CF Center. She talked about her research, spreading CF awareness at Egypt, and gave helpful tips to pre-medical students who are applying to medical school soon. Thank you Dr. Nasr for joining us! We applaud her for the work she does in support of the CF community.

November 2nd, 2022

Suture Clinic Event

Cure Found hosted its very first suture clinic to allow pre-medical and pre-health students to learn the basics of suturing, an important skill to have for future health professionals. Dr. Paz Arabo, M.D, a certified Emergency Medicine Physician based in St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital, Livonia, Michigan, hosted this event and taught members the basics of suturing, specifically a simple interrupted suture. Her expertise and time is greatly appreciated.

October 13, 2022

Celebration of Hope Cystic Fibrosis Research and Arts Event

Co-presidents, Naim Mashni, Alexis Mashni, Atef Choudhury, and Outreach officer, Maddey Crane, presented at the Celebration of Hope CF Research and Arts Event. The evening was filled with current and relevant research acknowledgments in the world of CF. Various physicians, professors, and philosophers from across the United States gathered to share their publications and projects they are working on.

October 12, 2022

Medical School Student Panel

Three medical school students from University of Michigan Medical School, Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Wayne State School of Medicine presented for members of Cure Found and helped them learn more about the rigorous yet rewarding journey to medical school. Uswa Iqbal (MS3), Ananya Varre (OMS2), and Samaah Saifullah (MS1) presented on their journey to medical school and answered questions about the MCAT, extracurricular activities in undergrad, research, speciality choices, and more!

September 28th, 2022

Fall 2022 Premiere Meeting

Cure Found’s first event for the Fall 2022 semester. In this interactive social event, students volunteered to create capes and cards for children with Cystic Fibrosis. The capes and cards will be distributed to various CF centers around Michigan such as MSU’s CF Center, DMC, and U of M-Ann Arbor. Dr. Ryan Thomas, M.D, Cure Found Faculty advisor and head pulmonologist at MSU CF Center, led this event in order to further educate members on pulmonary medicine. Additionally, Dr. Thomas provided insight on medical school, residency, and the overall process to becoming a physician. Refreshments and a dessert table were sponsored by a family-owned business based in Oakland County, MI that raises awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.

September 14th, 2022

Shadowing at Michigan State University Health Care Pediatrics, East Lansing, MI

Cure Found Outreach officer, Maddey Crane, shadowed faculty advisor, Dr. Ryan Thomas, M.D at MSU Health Care. Through this shadowing experience, Crane was able to learn more about a pediatric pulmonologist’s role in a Cystic Fibrosis patient’s medical needs. Crane also worked with the CF Social Worker to create a plan of action for CF patients who are in need of basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. This fundraiser will take place during the Fall of 2022 as a marathon donation drive. Crane was able to pass along the message to members which will help CF patients in the Greater Lansing area.

August 30th, 2022

Sparticipation 2022

An event for MSU student organizations to present their club and provide insight to prospective members. This event was a success and we were able to recruit 100+ members.

August 17th, 2022

Shadowing at Detroit Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Cure Found presidents, Atef Choudhury and Naim Mashni, shadowed Dr. Ruma Srivastava, M.D and her staff at DMC. Through this shadowing experience, Choudhury and Mashni were able to learn more about a pediatric pulmonologist’s role in a Cystic Fibrosis patient’s medical needs. Choudhury and Mashni are using what they learned to educate club members on the knowledge Dr. Srivastava was able to share regarding Cystic Fibrosis and the world of medicine in general.

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