Cure Found MSU

Tara Raouf

Tara Raouf serves as the Director of Membership for Cure Found MSU’s 2023-2024 executive board team. Tara is studying Kinesiology with a minor in Health Promotion. She is a junior at MSU with hopes to attend PA school post-graduation. Eventually, Tara hopes to pursue a career as a Physician Associate, and she is interested in orthopedics, labor & delivery, and oncology. Tara is also involved with MSU’s chapter of the Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s (YMAA), as well as MSU’s Pre-PA club. Her previous work experience spans across a variety of subsets of the medical field, including positions as a physical therapy tech, dental assistant, and medical assistant. Tara developed a passion for supporting research efforts towards diseases that currently have no cure after watching family members being impacted by Alzheimer’s. She joined Cure Found because of her experiences working around and shadowing MD’s, DO’s, and PA’s and learning about various medical conditions.