Cure Found MSU

Naim Mashni

Naim Mashni serves as the president and founder of Cure Found MSU. He is currently a sophomore in MSU Lyman Briggs College and Honors College studying Human Biology with a minor in Business on a pre-med track. Mashni is also part of the Osteopathic Medical Scholars Program (OMSP) and serves as a co-leader for the OMSP Shadowing Program. After medical school, Mashni hopes to specialize in Cardiology. Mashni has participated as a research assistant in research studies dedicated towards neurogenetics and disease studies. His involvement as a medical scribe and an operating room volunteer has allowed him to appreciate bedside manners and provide him with insight to healthcare. Through his medical-care experiences from a young age, Mashni was very devoted to founding Cure Found and providing premier medical opportunities for those in the same career path.